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Spring has sprung, friends! Have you started a big spring clean at your house? I have—I especially love a good closet purge.


I discovered over the past few years that decluttering my house and living with less “stuff”, has contributed to me feeling so much happier and less stressed. For me, having a clear physical space translates into a clear mental space. I’m far from perfect—there are still many days where my house is scattered with laundry and legos—but I’m slowly getting better. What’s been most interesting to me as I began the process of decluttering my house was how the positive effects trickled into other areas of my life. I realized that I could apply the idea of decluttering to my work, my relationships, and even to my health.


This is exactly the topic of this month’s Root to Health Book Club book:


Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, by Greg McKeown


Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - RTH Book Club

We live in a society where MORE is better. We constantly feel pressured to DO more, HAVE more, and BE more.


We end up trying to do everything, and in reality end up making little progress in any one direction. The idea of Essentialism isn’t about doing more or doing less—it’s about doing what’s most important. It’s about regaining control of your choices, and knowing exactly where to spend your time and your energy in order to have the most positive impact on your life.


If you often feel overwhelmed, stretched too thin, un-focused, over-committed, and like you just don’t have the time for the things that are actually important to you—then I think Essentialism is, well, an essential read for you.


“You can think of this book doing for your life what a professional organizer can do for your closet. Think about what happens to your closet when you never organize it. Does it stay neat and tidy, with just those few outfits you love to wear hanging on the rack? Of course not. When you make no conscious effort to keep organized, the closet becomes cluttered, stuffed with clothes you rarely wear. Every so often it gets so out of control, you try and purge the closet. But unless you have a disciplined system, you’ll end up with as many clothes as you started with. In the same way that our closets get cluttered when the clothes we never wear accumulate, so do our lives get cluttered—as the well intended commitments and activities we’ve said yes to pile up.”


In other words, Essentialism will help you to spring clean your LIFE.


I’m re-listening to the audiobook version of Essentialism this month, because I was feeling a little overwhelmed and unfocused. When I hear myself saying “I just can’t keep up”, I know it’s time to take a pause and re-assess my priorities. The Way of the Essentialist has reminded me of what’s actually important in my life, so I can stop feeling pulled in all directions, and start using my time more efficiently. It’s shown me how to create stronger boundaries, so that I’m not left feeling over-committed and resentful. It’s taught me to replace the words “I have to” with “I choose to”. And most of all, it’s helped me to stop worrying about getting more done, and instead to focus on getting the right things done—which in turn leaves me feeling happier, more satisfied, and less stressed.


So, are you feeling the need for that spring clean now? Let’s do it!


I hope you give Essentialism a read, and that you find it as interesting and helpful as I did.


To happiness and clutter-free closets,



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